Sesame St S7 Clips #2

Today, we wrap up Sesame Street Season 7 with one last batch of clips, most of which I found on the show’s official YouTube channel. First up, we have Cookie Monster teaching us the Spanish word for “love”:



Don’t tell me you’re surprised about the object of his affection! I particularly love the romantic flower beside them. Such a nice touch.

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Sesame St S7 Clips

Grover makes it snow at Kermit's.

Grover makes it snow at Kermit’s.

Today, I continue my look at Sesame Street‘s seventh season with the assorted clips that appeared as bonus features on the Sesame Street: Old School Volume 2 DVD set, a few of which I don’t have much to say about, so I’ll just breeze through those first. Two are two of the classic pinball machine counting animations, which you are guaranted to remember if you watched this era of the show (you can check one out here). Another features Buffy Sainte-Marie–a Canadian First Nations woman who appeared numerous times on the show in this era–singing “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,” and in yet another, Bob plays a musical game of “Follow the Leader” with a group of children, some of whom have Down syndrome. This is a lovely segment, because Bob never points out these kids’ disorder but treats them exactly as the others, and they respond to the game just as the others do.

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Sesame Street Ep #796

Susan and Gordon don't see Snuffy.

Susan and Gordon don’t see Snuffy.

The seventh season of Sesame Street debuted on PBS on December 1st, 1975–fairly late, given it usually started up in September or October–with episode #796, which I watched for today’s post (and is available on the Sesame Street: Old School Volume 2 DVD set). And while I can’t really judge the entire season based on the premiere alone, it would seem that not much has changed in Sesame Street‘s evolution from last year to this one. There is still very little connective tissue holding the episode together, and, in some ways, I found it the least interesting one to watch thus far, but I might just be growing a bit impatient with watching full episodes of this by this point. There’s some great individual stuff here, but, as an hour of television, it doesn’t hold up well.

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What’s My Line, Etc.

Kermit and Jim on "What's My Line?"

Kermit and Jim on “What’s My Line?”

And now, for the first time in a very long time–given how much footage I found for Sesame Street season 6 and my unexpectedly extended hiatus–we have another assemblage of miscellaneous Jim Henson-related clips, all of which range from late 1974 to early 1975.


The most interesting is probably the first one, an appearance that Jim and Kermit made on What’s My Line?, which aired on November 16th, 1974. What’s My Line? was a game show that began in 1950 and ran all the way through 1975 in which a panel consisting of 4 celebrity guests would at first try to guess a contestant’s occupation through yes or no questions, and then, in the second round, be blindfolded in order to guess

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Sesame St S6: Bert and Ernie #2

"Cups and Saucers"

“Cups and Saucers”

Today: the final batch of Sesame Street Season 6 clips, all of which include Ernie and most of which feature Bert, as well. I particularly love the twist at the end of “Cups and Saucers”, in which Ernie is counting a pile of 4 cups and 4 saucers, stacked one on top of the other. Bert comes in, absolutely terrified that Ernie is going to break them while counting, and his panicky reactions as Ernie points to and touches each, one at a time, is priceless. Ernie then can’t help having a little fun with his good old buddy, so when he prepares to take them to the kitchen he bobs back and forth precariously, pretending to nearly drop them and psyching Bert out. Bert yells that he’s going to break them, but Ernie assures him that’s not going to happen. He’s already glued them all together! Ba dum dum siss. 

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