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The Muppet Show 1.15: ‘Candice Bergen’

Candice Bergen debates travel with Sam the Eagle.

Candice Bergen debates travel with Sam the Eagle.

With Candice Bergen, The Muppet Show had a perfect opportunity to concoct a classic episode. After all, it was rare for them to find a guest so comfortable with puppets. In fact, she had likely spent most of her younger years surrounded by them, given that her father was the great Edgar Bergen, one of America’s foremost puppeteers prior to Jim Henson (Edgar would later appear on The Muppet Show himself, making Candice and him the only father and daughter to ever both guest star on the show; he would later not only make a cameo in The Muppet Movie, but when he died shortly before its release, the film would be dedicated to him.).


And Bergen is just as terrific with the Muppets as one would expect (and

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