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Julie: My Favorite Things

Julie and Kermit share a duet.

Julie and Kermit share a duet.

Back when I watched and reviewed Julie Andrews’ first special with the Muppets, Julie on Sesame Street, I explained the circumstances surrounding how these shows came to be produced for ABC, so instead of going over that again, I kindly direct anyone who might not remember (and that’s completely understandable; it’s been quite a long time!) back to that post.


For now, what’s important to know is that, despite frustration at ABC yet again not picking up The Muppet Show to series, Jim Henson and Co. collaborated with Julie on a second special, again produced by ATV and shot at Elstree Studios in London, where The Muppet Show would eventually find a home. This one was called Julie: My Favorite Things,

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Electric and Carson, Again

Grover and Vi on "The Electric Company"

Grover and Vi on “The Electric Company”

Today, I’m looking at two brief Muppet guest appearances from 1975. In the first, which aired March 10, 1975, Grover visits The Electric Company (the fourth and finale Sesame Street character to appear on that show), or rather, like Big Bird did in his appearance, wanders away from home, gets lost, and winds up on this show accidentally.


The scene opens with Crank, who we previously saw singing a song with Oscar the Grouch, and who doesn’t seem nearly as bad-tempered as his name and description of himself would suggest (This guy has nothing on Oscar. He even seems genuinely concerned for Grover. Amateur.), taking a seat at Vi’s Diner and chatting with the eponymous

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The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence

"Sex and Violence"

“Sex and Violence”

After the first Muppet Show pilot, The Muppets Valentine Show, failed to be picked up to series, Jim Henson and Co. shot yet another pilot in December 1974, which like Valentine, made it to air as a special on ABC (this one in March 1975) but the network similarly opted to not take it any further. And as much as I sympathize with the frustration Jim must have felt, I can’t actually say that I entirely either disagree with or don’t understand ABC’s decision. Although, as with Valentine, this special, Sex and Violence–available as a bonus feature on The Muppet Show Season 1 DVD set–displays many of the features that would become beloved Muppet Show staples, this show has still not yet found its voice.

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What’s My Line, Etc.

Kermit and Jim on "What's My Line?"

Kermit and Jim on “What’s My Line?”

And now, for the first time in a very long time–given how much footage I found for Sesame Street season 6 and my unexpectedly extended hiatus–we have another assemblage of miscellaneous Jim Henson-related clips, all of which range from late 1974 to early 1975.


The most interesting is probably the first one, an appearance that Jim and Kermit made on What’s My Line?, which aired on November 16th, 1974. What’s My Line? was a game show that began in 1950 and ran all the way through 1975 in which a panel consisting of 4 celebrity guests would at first try to guess a contestant’s occupation through yes or no questions, and then, in the second round, be blindfolded in order to guess

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Sesame St S6: Bert and Ernie #2

"Cups and Saucers"

“Cups and Saucers”

Today: the final batch of Sesame Street Season 6 clips, all of which include Ernie and most of which feature Bert, as well. I particularly love the twist at the end of “Cups and Saucers”, in which Ernie is counting a pile of 4 cups and 4 saucers, stacked one on top of the other. Bert comes in, absolutely terrified that Ernie is going to break them while counting, and his panicky reactions as Ernie points to and touches each, one at a time, is priceless. Ernie then can’t help having a little fun with his good old buddy, so when he prepares to take them to the kitchen he bobs back and forth precariously, pretending to nearly drop them and psyching Bert out. Bert yells that he’s going to break them, but Ernie assures him that’s not going to happen. He’s already glued them all together! Ba dum dum siss. 

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